I’m working on an architectural change in QLogo that is going to take a while (details below). Until it is finished some parts of QLogo are going to be broken. That means if you compile and run QLogo from the current repository some features are not going to work properly. Sorry.

So to alleviate this I’m making the source code of QLogo Version 0.92 available on the download page. Version 0.92 is the latest version of QLogo with all the features working.

About the architectural change

QLogo is currently implemented in a two-thread model. There is a GUI thread and a kernel thread. That way a Logo program can run quickly in one thread while the user interface can still be responsive in another thread. This model is facilitated by Qt’s “Signals and Slots” mechanism.

This is all fine and dandy unless we want to have more sophisticated user interaction which I hope to have in the future. Only one thread is allowed access to the user interface. So either I have to create a very complex mechanism to allow the kernel thread access to the GUI or the two-thread solution needs to be replaced. I am now working on the latter. QLogo is going to be a two-process system rather than a two-thread system.

This changeover is going to take some time.